What is
Jewelz Red?

A PLAY-based gaming platform that allows anyone with a mobile device to own, trade and buy using real cryptocurrency in an adorable, inviting game experience


The Adoraboos is a drag three puzzle game with cute critters & real crypto! Learn and earn in this fun & engaging game for all ages

educating With Crypto

Educational opportunities are built right into the Adoraboos game, as users gain crypto and power ups by answering blockchain questions

Jewelz Diamond

Jewelz Diamond (currently in development) is a  patent-pending cryptocurrency that ANYONE can mine with a regular laptop or desktop computer

play with your crypto

Our unique platform opens cryptocurrency up to mass adoption by making a mobile-friendly and educational experience for everyone to enjoy. It is based on the concept that PLAY opens the door to more cryptocurrency user adoption.

Puzzles: problem-solving through play

Learning: about blockchain and more

Advance: knowledge and level up the game

Yield:  players get real crypto through a proprietary gathering system

Crypto Fun

In the news


About The Jewelz Foundation

Vision Statement
The Jewelz Foundation is a nonprofit. The Foundation’s mission is to promote and support development of the Jewelz platform and education to democratize cryptocurrency and encourage a wider user base through apps, games and mobile adoption.

Play games While you earn Crypto

Drag a path across tiles of the same type and trigger reactions and rewards that free the Adoraboos and earn real cryptocurrency. Learn more about crypto in this fun and engaging game... perfect to play with friends!



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